Mission of EDS

The mission of Economic Development South is to strengthen our business and residential communities by building innovative partnerships.

Thriving by commUNITY.

Economic Development South is a multi-municipal, corridor-based community development corporation that encompasses a significant portion of the South Pittsburgh/South Hills region of Allegheny County.

Our coalition of communities have come together to positively impact our shared commercial corridors – Route 51 (Saw Mill Run Blvd.) and Brownsville Road, most notably. This approach is the thread that binds our communities together – based on a shared interest and benefit in the redevelopment and revitalization of these commercial and transportation corridors.

Supporting Residents
EDS develops events and programming to engage residents in entertaining and educational opportunities surrounding community themes.
Supporting Businesses
EDS provides assets and opportunities to drive business growth and success throughout our communities.
Supporting Communities
EDS delivers project management and real estate support, as well as tackling projects that make our communities more accessible and sustainable.
Supporting Developers
EDS serves as a portal to real estate and development projects by connecting properties to market opportunities to facilitate business and tax growth for communities.

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EDS is currently winding down operations. For more than 20 years, we have served the neighborhoods south of Pittsburgh, focusing on collaboration and community growth. We appreciate the opportunity to have served these diverse communities and wish them the best for years to come.

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