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Historic Dairy District

The Colteryahn Dairy District Project is a comprehensive revitalization initiative focusing on a critical commercial node on the Brownsville Road corridor in the Carrick neighborhood of the City of Pittsburgh. This node includes the Colteryahn Dairy District facility and numerous blighted, underutilized commercial properties. We have identified the Colteryahn Dairy as a prominent community asset that could anchor future redevelopment efforts in that area.

In the 1940’s there were over 300 Dairy’s in the City of Pittsburgh, now only the Colteryahn Dairy remains. We felt that this was something that should be celebrated. Colteryahn has committed itself to remaining in the City by making an $8 million investment in its factory in the late 2000s while all of its competitors ran for the greener pastures of the suburbs. Colteryahn Dairy is emblematic of the fact we’re not just a city full of old commercial structures where we used to produce goods; we still make things in Pittsburgh.

This project was the product of extensive community planning and economic development strategy. Our goals were twofold: to both catalyze and support existing businesses along the Brownsville Road Corridor, while still recognizing that each commercial node along that corridor was different. And to, where possible, create a true retail destination in our communities.

To further these goals, the project will enhance the operations of the Dairy, “brand” the area as a Dairy District, create spaces and places that will attract both the daily commuter (that travels by the site every day – 22,000 cars per day) and regional residents.

The cornerstone of the project is the Historic Dairy District Market Pavilion. Events include: weekly CitiParks Farmer’s Markets, and special ice cream, cheese, and community Events.

Here’s What’s Been Happening:


Brews & Bites Event at Dairy Pavilion.

8 PM to 10PM

More information


Ribbon Cutting Kick-Off Event


EDS receives $300,000 grant from the Hillman Foundation, along with some support and funding from Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak and the City of Pittsburgh to begin construction on the pavilion.


EDS works with the Hillman Foundation to review the concept for the dairy and fresh to market ideas surround an open-air fresh market space in the Dairy District.


EDS begins public-private partnership discussions and fundraising strategies around several components of the project.


Presentation to the Carrick Community of Conceptual Designs for the Dairy District. Attendance was great; over 100 residents attended the event.


Dairy District Conceptual Plans were completed via a community Steering Committee process.


Desmone Architects was selected as the project architect to lead the Steering Committee through the conceptual design phase of the Dairy District.


Steering Committee of Community Stakeholders, Colteryahn Officers, Department of City Planning, Urban Redevelopment Authority, Design Center, Economic Development South, and Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak was formed. Request for Proposal were received from several architects.


Design Center of Pittsburgh awarded EDS a $50,000 grant for conceptual planning and design associated with the creation of a “Dairy District” in the City’s Carrick neighborhood.

EDS is currently winding down operations. For more than 20 years, we have served the neighborhoods south of Pittsburgh, focusing on collaboration and community growth. We appreciate the opportunity to have served these diverse communities and wish them the best for years to come.

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