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Borough of Mt. Oliver

Mt. Oliver Borough is completely surrounded by the City of Pittsburgh and immediately adjacent to the Southside Slopes and the Pittsburgh Neighborhoods of Carrick and Knoxville. The borough’s business district runs across the length of the neighborhood, from the South Side Slopes to Carrick. Brownsville Road runs along this ridge, and connects South Eighteenth Street in Pittsburgh with the neighborhood of Carrick and communities further south.

Mt. Oliver was incorporated in 1892, and with 125 years of history as a municipality, the Borough has maintained many of the values that were key to its founding.  It is largely a residential area with single-family homes.  Mt. Oliver also boasts two community parks with a wide range of recreational opportunities.  In recent years, the Mt. Oliver Economic Development Team was formed to address the needs of the Borough’s business district and neighborhoods.  In 2016, the Team completed a Streetscape Project on Brownsville Road from Arlington Avenue to the Mt. Oliver’s signature Clock Tower, attracted two new businesses including a bakery and a chocolate shop, and rehabbed one blighted commercial property.  Mt. Oliver has also taken an active approach to stabilize property values through various methods including an extensive demolition and side yard program, rehab and resale, and aggressive code enforcement.

Did You Know?

  • Mt. Oliver is named for Oliver Ormsby, son of John Ormsby, who held the original land grant for the area from George III.
  • Mt. Oliver Borough is surrounded entirely by the city of Pittsburgh, and has resisted annexations by the city, as it prefers to manage its own local needs and finances.

Resources Supporting Mt. Oliver Residents

ACCESS Transportation Systems

Home Centre City Tower 650 Smithfield St. Pittsburgh PA 15222 Home Phone: 412-562-5353 Website: ACCESS

Transportation services for persons with disabilities. ACCESS serves all of Allegheny County and points 1.5 miles outside the county line. Reservations must be made by calling between 7 am and 3:30 pm at least one day in advance. Call Friday for weekend and Monday reservations.

Resources Supporting Mt. Oliver Businesses

Mt. Oliver Quick Facts

2010 Population


2010 Households


Median Value Owner-Occupied Units


Number of Businesses


Land Area

0.3 square miles

School District

Pittsburgh Public


Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh


2 community parks
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Mt. Oliver Borough

150 Brownsville Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15210
Phone: 412.431.8107

EDS is currently winding down operations. For more than 20 years, we have served the neighborhoods south of Pittsburgh, focusing on collaboration and community growth. We appreciate the opportunity to have served these diverse communities and wish them the best for years to come.

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