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Carrick is a neighborhood located on the southern edge of the City of Pittsburgh known as “The Hilltop.” It is bordered by the neighborhoods of Overbrook, Brookline, Bon Air, Knoxville, Mount Oliver, St. Clair, and the communities of Mount Oliver Borough, Brentwood Borough, and Baldwin Borough.

Carrick was originally a borough established in 1904 but voted to become a part of the City of Pittsburgh in 1926. Once home to sprawling mansions and mostly wealthy families, the neighborhood currently consists of affordable and sturdy housing stock and a family friendly environment. Houses in Carrick vary from Victorian era beauties to more modern townhouses, apartments and row homes.

A lengthy and diverse business district runs along Brownsville Road, and several more business areas exist further south in Brentwood and points south.  The Carrick section of Brownsville Road is approximately two miles long, and is comprised of three discrete business districts with residential areas in between.

Did You Know?

  • The only operational dairy in the City of Pittsburgh—Colteryahn Dairy—is on Brownsville Road in Carrick.
  • Carrick was originally part of the land grant to Major John Ormsby from King George III in 1763 for his service during the French and Indian War. Carrick and Mt. Oliver were once known as the Ormsby Tract or simply Ormsby.
  • In 1997, Carrick was named the first “Cool Community” in the northern United States by the U.S. Department of Energy. “Cool Community” is a national recognition program for strategic tree planting for energy conservation purposes.

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Family Resources

Home 1425 Forbes Ave Pittsburgh PA 15219 Home Phone: 412-363-1702 Website: Family Resources of PA

Children and family services in the prevention and treatment of child abuse through stronger neighborhoods.

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Carrick Quick Facts

2015 Population


2015 Households


Median Home Value


Commercial Corridor

Brownsville Road

Land Area

1.67 square miles

School District

Pittsburgh Public


Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh


1 community park
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Carrick Neighborhood

City of Pittsburgh, District 4

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