About Us

About Economic Development South

Economic Development South (EDS) is a multi-municipal, corridor-based community development corporation that encompasses a significant portion of the South Pittsburgh/South Hills region of Allegheny County. Combined, our communities total nearly 13,000 residents and over 4,000 businesses.

Our coalition of communities have come together to positively impact our shared commercial corridors – Route 51 (Saw Mill Run Blvd.) and Brownsville Road, most notably. This approach is the thread that binds our communities together – based on a shared interest and benefit in the redevelopment and revitalization of these commercial and transportation corridors.


Mission of EDS

The mission of EDS is to strengthen our business and residential communities by building innovative partnerships.


Vision Statement

EDS’ vision is to make our communities the most accessible in Pittsburgh for people to live, work, and play.



Areas of Impact

EDS adheres to a comprehensive approach to economic development: wherein issues of real estate development, community marketing, small business services, green infrastructure, transportation and transit accessibility, and beautification are advanced concurrently instead of opportunistically. Our wide-reaching approach to encouraging revitalization and reinvestment centers in these specific five core areas of impact:


EDS is focused on increasing the accessibility of our neighborhoods via the creation of safer infrastructure investment along our corridors. Such activities include additional park and ride locations with accessibility plans, investment in smart signalization efforts, bike and pedestrian advocacy and awareness, and overall strategic accessibility and connectivity assessments.


EDS is currently embarking on comprehensive green infrastructure planning and pilot projects to advance environmental concerns along the corridor. EDS was also involved in the creation of the first multi-municipal shade tree commission in the Commonwealth and is currently working on a comprehensive stormwater planning and restoration of the Saw Mill Run watershed.


EDS is creating a robust “Corridor Communities” branding campaign. The centerpiece of the campaign is a community marketing website that integrates area promotional materials, comprehensive business listings, and a variety of media to promote area schools, businesses, and other community amenities;. Additional campaigns will include significant investments in wayfinding signage, banners, and other area marketing materials.

Real Estate

EDS is focused on the redevelopment and revitalization of existing commercial and multi-family residential properties and new construction on key vacant parcels along the corridors. EDS is also involved in land banking activities for future development.


EDS works in partnership with business organizations and associations in our area to promote our area business districts while providing technical expertise for small businesses looking for locations to locate and business planning.

EDS is currently winding down operations. For more than 20 years, we have served the neighborhoods south of Pittsburgh, focusing on collaboration and community growth. We appreciate the opportunity to have served these diverse communities and wish them the best for years to come.

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