Our Projects

The Pet Shop

The Pet Shop (212 Brownsville Road)  has turned from a single project to a redevelopment initiative.  The Pet Shop came to fruition because the Commercial District Manager required a more permanent presence in the Hilltop.  The Pet Shop is an interesting building with a ton of potential.  The project turned into an initiative when it was decided to rehab the space and “vanilla box” it with a plain interior with the intention that if a business would come along, they could take over the space and we would turn around and do the same thing in another space.  It is a very unique and effective way to jump start redevelopment in our community.

The funds for this project were leveraged by the  Mt. Oliver and Knoxville Neighborhood Partnership Program.

Here’s What’s Been Happening:


Welcome to the Pet Shop Collaborative Space tenants!

  • Economic Development South
  • The Hilltop Economic Development Corporation
  • The Brashear Association
  • NeighborWorks of Western PA
  • UrbanKind Institute



Mt. Oliver’s first “Up On The Hilltop” event was held.  The Pet Shop was front and center and the hub of activity.



Construction is finished and occupancy was received.



The front windows were put in place.



The construction should be completed by mid-October and keys in hand by October 31st.