Our Projects

The Bakery

The bakery project (225 Brownsville Road) is first floor retail component where 2-3 bakers will sell their baked goods. There will also be the opportunity for other community bakers to rent space out hourly to bake.  They will also be able to take advantage of an entrepreneurship education program.

The second floor will be transformed into a community space that will serve as a place for community or private events such as; pizza or cookie making classes.

The third floor will be the actual bakery where it will be much like the co-working space. This space would house 2-3 bakers for a set amount of time and after that more bakers will be rotated in and given the opportunity to utilize the bakery and retail space. In addition to the 3rd floor bakery, there will eventually be a café incubator as well.

Here’s What’s Been Happening:


The Bakery Society of Pittsburgh branding has begun.  We are currently pursuing funding sources.  The business plan is almost complete.


An advisory committee has been formed from industry professionals and has had its first meeting.  This committee will convene monthly to assist in planning for the health department’s planned review, in addition to planning and programming guidance.  The next meeting will be held at the end of October.

We are currently in the fundraising phase.